In 2015 I found myself in my first role working in social media marketing and content creation. The brand, a beautiful Australian cold pressed juice company called Organic Avenue.

To be honest before working for Organic Avenue I had little knowledge on the cold pressed juice craze that was about to take over, aside from the impeccably minimal Instagram posts I had seen here and there. To break it down for any of you who are still as clueless as i was, cold pressed juice is created using a hydraulic press that squeezes the juice from the fruit/vegetable. In opposition to traditional juicing methods which use blades that create heat and can remove some nutrients from the juice. The cold pressed method is able to extract the greatest quantity of juice possible without compromising the quality.

Basically cold pressed juices are a 100% raw, no harmful chemicals, toxins, preservatives or pesticides. To make it even better Organic Avenue is dedicated to sourcing ALL ingredients from local Aussie farmers.

From my creative side, the bright aesthetics of the juice, combined with minimal packaging and never ending health benefits made creating content feel nothing like a job.

You can check out Organic Avenue HERE and in various retail locations across Australia.

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