In With The New

Shoot for the moon darling. Seems like a big ask, but seriously, why aren’t we all?

If you aren’t happy, then keep making changes until you are, chase your dreams don’t just follow them, for what it’s worth run them over and go beyond them. Surround yourself with people who do the same, find a place to fit and to shine.

I’m currently sitting in my new bed, in my new little house, in this new town by the sea. Tomorrow i will drive the terribly long ten minutes it takes me to get to my job. Honestly i can’t even call it that, because yes, while it is technically a job, it’s more a passion, surrounded by equally as passionate people, in one incredibly passionate and excitable company that i am lucky enough to call my job.

There was a moment in my life almost two years ago where i knew that i was the happiest i had ever been. I swore to myself that after that moment i would do everything i possibly could to be that happy everyday. These days i have to pinch myself because i know that is well on the way to becoming true. I mean honestly what else do we need, but to be happy?

So go on, find what makes you passionate, fall in love, hold onto them, chase your dreams and don’t look back.


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