Leaving The Nest

Waking up this morning it finally occurred to me, this will be the last time i will be waking up in this bed, in my room, the room i have been waking up in every morning that i can remember, the room that has carried me through Saddle Club obsessions, countless sleepovers, tantrums, assignments and so much more. It’s a strange feeling let me tell you that, strange, yet possibly the most exciting ever. To know that MY life is really just beginning, that everything from now on is mine to create, mine to control and mine to live to it’s fullest potential.

This afternoon i am driving down to Geelong, my new home, for my new job, and it’s just me (for now..). Tomorrow is the first day you can officially call me the social media coordinator at Rubi Shoes, my dream job, the job field that i have looked at for years and wished that it was me with that title. I have to pull together my coolest outfit and pray that my hair looks good enough for the dreaded work photo, remember not to let my excitement translate into my words and speak so quickly that nobody understands me, drink too much coffee and remember to pinch myself every few hours just to make sure i’m not dreaming.

It’s like i’m the protagonist in the newest chick flick, six months ago i couldn’t have imagined myself landing this job, getting myself out of something that was so toxic to my wellbeing, falling in love like never before, renting my own place and finally starting this epic adventure. Past Emily would never do that, stepping out of her comfort zone was something that was avoided at any cost. Yet, here i am walking through the doors of an incredible company with utterly instagrammable offices may i say, having to find my way around, remember everyones names and try not to trip over anything. I’m about to have to adult properly. It’s going to be hilarious not going to lie, you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes, but i am beyond excited to see where this goes and create the life i have only dreamed of.


Photo Credit: @ashelighdmello

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