Who’s The King Of The Castle?

Or should i call them ‘King Of The Brunch Scene’?

Upon moving to Geelong, i jumped on Instagram (because i don’t spend enough time on it already), and searched for cafe’s, and brunch spots in Geelong. Because honestly, i don’t know if i could fully commit to moving here if there weren’t epic cafe’s to spend my weekends and most of my life savings at…

I didn’t have to search far before i noticed an impeccably simple, yet perfectly designed crown logo pop up in my feed. Upon clicking on this logo i was opened up to a vibrant, energetic, plant filled wonderland  (and that was just their Instagram feed…).

Honestly, who can resist pink tea lattes and avo filled with chilli jam, topped off with the most incredible selection of local goodies (hello Pana Chocolate), these guys really haven’t missed a punch.

(photo Cred: @aconsciouscollection)

Coming from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne where we are a little spoilt for choice when it comes to killer cafe’s, i must admit i didn’t think anything could measure up to my regular brunch spots. Yet, this little gem of a converted warehouse hidden away at the (less busy) end of Pakington Street has won my heart, (along with every single family member and friend who i have bought here since i moved down).

(photo cred: @_stephbrown_)

So, do yourself, your taste buds and your Instagram feed a favour, if you are ever in Geelong, make a stop at @kingofthecastlecafe.

I promise you will not regret it.

xx E


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